Klaus Franz: A multitasker of the cabaret

Klaus Franz is body-poet, professional mouth holder and sound wave imitater - an outrageously talented allrounder and a master of wordless cabaret art. His incredible range from entertaining mime in the style of the roaring 20’s over imaginative slapstick numbers up to the unusual presentation of a human beatbox. The otherwise quiet poet surprises with brilliant sound collages. Whether solo or ensemble, whether full-length stage shows or appearances at conferences or trade fairs: Klaus Franz shines with a range of skills, performing with masterful body control, an amazing versatility, high precision and playfulness. His shows - varying from tragic to comic, from playful to poetic – are always charming, touching and exhilarating entertaining!

Klaus Franz was born in Euskirchen near Cologne, Germany. After absolving his music studies with an emphasis on classical guitar, choir and ensemble conducting, he went to Berlin. From 2001 to 2004 he studied at the school for the performing arts "Die Etage" mime / physical theater. Since 2003 he teaches mime at this school. His special interest is in addition to the classic mime, especially in the newer forms of physical theater, the visual comedy, musical clowning or electric boogie and magic. Since all of these art forms speak an international language, Klaus Franz occurs on stages around the globe. In 2011 he won with the duo "Mimusen" as part of the cabaret competition „Tuttlinger Krähe“ the "Special Jury Prize".